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Each one of us can contribute to slowing down the spread of the Corona Virus and to protect the healthcare system by wearing a mask. For this, medical protection masks have been used for a long time. However, medical protection masks are not available to the general public. They are reserved for the healthcare system and other essential services.

The FiT filter carrier is an effective alternative to a medical protection mask. It consists of two identical plastic baskets, which can be disinfected and are dishwasher proof. In between these two baskets you fit a filter material. This can be any household tissue or textile. The filter material is easily changed and kept at a distance from the mouth, which is essential for the effectiveness of the mask.

See how FiT filter carrier works

Attention! Not a protection mask! Do not use for medical purposes. Filtration effectiveness depends on filter material and fit

Advantages of the filter carrier

  • Filters exhaled breath
  • Protects mouth and nose from accidental contact with hands

  • Use with any filter material available at home: paper tissues, kitchen roll,
  • Textiles (linen, silk)
  • Anti-bacterial textiles (pillow covers)
  • Other non-woven materials (vacuum cleaner bag)

  • Can be disinfected
  • Dishwasher proof
  • Filter is easy to change (regular change recommended)
  • No contact of the moist filter material with mouth and nose (no droplets in filter material)

  • Low cost
  • Reusable
  • Available in large quantities

  • Very light and robust
  • Flexible materials adapts to the shape of the face
  • With 5 flexible adjustment straps, the mask can be customized easily
  • Talking, telephoning etc. is easily possible through the air reservoir

Get your own FiT filter carrier now!

Currently only orders from Germany are possible. For orders from abroad please send us an e-mail to stating the order quantity and your complete contact details. Please refer to our price table and the quantity discounts with regard to the currently available order quantities.  From a purchase quantity of 50 pieces no shipping costs will be charged. Thank you very much.

Prices and quantities for corporate customers

From a purchase quantity of 5,000 sets, you can
- choose a colour of your choice - free of charge!
- have your logo applied to it, at a price of 0,10 € per piece

Please note our price table  and the assembly instructions.

Scope of delivery
A filter carrier set consists of two filter carrier baskets and two rubber bands. The filter material is not included.

Delivery time
Current 2-3 working days

Payment method
Advance payment by instant bank transfer or Paypal

Free download of the STL file

A simple version without adjustment options is available here free of charge for those who have SLS equipment. The use of the data set is intended exclusively for non-commercial use, resale is prohibited.

Get your own FiT filter carrier now!
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