Non-contact geometrical analysis

The mobile, optical 3D scan is recommended for the geometry analysis of components. Both very small as well as very large components can be scanned. It can, however, also be used to optimize design processes. The system is used at FIT for the measurement of prototypes, but primarily for serial parts or single components for real end-use applications.

Provides the following options depending on project requirements:

3D-scan options

Target/actual comparison
In the measurement report of the target/actual comparison, an overlay of the CAD data and the scan data of the object reveals any deviations. This makes it possible to detect component deformation or distortion caused by the building process or by the support removal or heat treatment.

Geometry analysis
In the measurement report, hole distances, angles, and diameters on the component surface are checked, taking into account the tolerance specifications.

Reverse engineering
The result of the scanning process is presented as an STL or CAD file. This 3D digitization is used for the fast and cost-effective reconstruction or geometry adjustment of the component data set.

3D-scan options
Machine capacities

Machine capacities

1x ATOS Triple Scan

Messbereich: 2.000 x 1.500 mm

8,5 μm- MF 170 x 130 mm
28 μm- MF 560 x 420 mm
50 μm- MF 1.000 x 750 mm

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