Rapid prototyping

These days, shorter product lifecycles and constant product improvements are presenting entirely new challenges for product development. Speed is what counts, as the first to launch on the market wins the business. Our solutions in the field of rapid prototyping sustainably accelerate your product development while simultaneously reducing your development costs. More than 15 different conventional and 3D printing technologies, such as selective laser sintering (SLS or Laser Powder Bed Fusion PBF-LB/P) or stereolithography (SLA), as well as a large range of materials are available for you to use.

But, we make sure that you don't have to decide on the manner of production alone. We guide you to the finished prototypes based on your requirements. Together we define the right path for production, check and repair your data, manufacture your component, and post-process it if desired.

Our core areas:

  • Concept and design models
  • Functional prototypes
  • Pilot and special series in the original material of the subsequent standard part

Take advantage of our 3D printing service for rapid prototyping. Test us out. Send us your inquiry and we will get back to you with quote shortly.

Our Process

Our process

Why FIT?

  • 50% - the amount of time our customers gain on average with our rapid production of prototypes in 3D printing (compared to conventional technologies).
  • 48 h - the average production time for a 3D printed prototype until it is ready for shipping.
  • 10 % - the average reduction in the “time to market” achieved with product development using our rapid prototype production.
  • 99.4 % - the percentage of all prototypes that leave our production area at the agreed shipping time.

Application example

For a press conference to launch a face cream, L'Oréal was looking for a model of the tube that would draw attention and symbolize the innovative image of the “it” brand. Within 7 days we had designed a digital model of the tube, manufactured the item in 3 parts from plastic using GDP and joined these together to form a 1.8 m high tube. Thanks to perfect finishing activities, the big tube looked strikingly similar to the small one. The press conference was a great success and L'Oréal was impressed.

Application example
Concept and design models

Concept and design models

Everyday life in product development is characterized by constant cost and time pressure and countless iteration loops. The fast and efficient production of concept or design models with great precision, attention to detail and surface quality is therefore an absolute must. Regardless of whether this relates to a 3D printed prototype made of metal or plastic, polished, painted, or coated; our experienced experts in rapid prototyping will find the perfect solution for you.

Functional prototypes

The production of functional prototypes is often characterized by numerous individual parts, long production times, and high costs. Rapid prototyping is a perfect alternative to reach the goal much more cost-effectively and quickly. For example, for Reiser Simulation to be able to increase the efficiency of training steps and training activities, we manufacture replicas in helicopter models, which allow training steps for pilots and fitters to be completed much more cost-effectively.
Functional prototypes
Pilot series

Pilot series

Producing a pilot series in 3D printing often makes no financial sense. That’s why we provide a clever alternative. We 3D print only a mold or a tool and then produce your components in the original material using a conventional technology. Numerous technologies, e.g. vacuum casting, polyamide casting, investment casting, or injection molding, are available for this purpose.

“Our huge range of services makes us one of the strongest partners you can find for rapid prototyping.”

Thomas Geitner, Managing Director FIT Prototyping GmbH

Additive manufacturing

Laser melting (PBF-LB/M)
Electron beam melting (PBF-EB/M)
Wire arc additive manufacturing (WAAM)
Full-color PolyJet
Selective laser sintering (PBF-LB/P)
Stereolithography (SLA)
PolyJet (FLT)
Binder jetting (Drop on Powder)
Gel dispensing printing (GDP)
Supersonic 3D deposition (SP3D)
Selective cement activation (SCA)

Conventional manufacturing

Injection molding
Vacuum casting
Polyamide casting
Tool manufacturing

Finishing techniques

Metal coating
Heat treatment
Barrel finishing

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