Rocket Engine Fluid Manifold - The Challenge

Ariane 6, the latest rocket of the ArianeGroup, will be launched in 2020 and combines, as part of the RAMS (Reliability, Availability, Maintainability and Safety) approach, proven solutions with innovation in order to address the changing needs of the market.

The industrial organization put into place for building Ariane 6 aims for maximum efficiency throughout the production cycle. The contribution of new industrial processes and innovative manufacturing technologies combined with a product lifecycle management system that meets the latest standards helps optimize industrial-level production. The overall goal is to achieve production costs 40 to 50 % lower than those of Ariane 5 in order to be competitive in the face of new market demands.

A cost-effective and absolutely reliable solution is necessary for the serial manufacturing of the rocket engine fluid manifold in Ariane's Vulcain 2 rocket engine which is today a forged component. A cold fluid oxygen-methane gas mixture runs with high pressure through this manifold into the lower part of the combustion chamber which makes this manifold a very important part for the successful launch of the rocket.

Rocket Engine Fluid Manifold - The Challenge
Rocket Engine Fluid Manifold - The FIT Solution

Rocket Engine Fluid Manifold - The FIT Solution

Rapid Prototyping as part of an ADM-V project (serial production of end-use parts)

Feasibility check

Result: Additive manufacturing of the rocket engine fluid manifold considering the very hard requirements of a rocket engine and according to the European standards and guidelines for the aerospace industry is possible.

Feasibility study
- Currently recommended material: Inconel®
- Currently recommended technology: Wire arc additive manufacturing (WAAM)

Rapid prototyping
Additive manufacturing of the manifold with our quality-approved AM process for wire arc additive manufacturing (WAAM)

- CNC milling

Quality assurance
- GOM scan after manufacturing

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