• Production of individual free forms for architecture or interior design of buildings
  • Fast, cost-effective and sustainable production of large components for various applications from ECONIT, a new cement-like material
  • Complex trades can be realized quickly and easily thanks to a fully digital value chain from the idea to the construction site

SCA - description of the process

The novel SCA process is similar to binder jetting in the manufacturing process. A layer of ECONIT powder is applied in the building chamber via a roller. An activator is sprayed onto the powder from a bar with fine nozzles, which binds the material along the object cross-section. Then the next powder layer is applied and the process is repeated. The thickness of the layer is 2 mm. After completion of the construction process, all the material must rest for 24 hours to harden. The ECONIT base material can bind a wide variety of aggregates, even in large quantities, and gains different material properties from each material admixture.

SCA - description of the process


  • Suitable for large components
  • High resolution
  • Extremely flexible applications due to the wide range of material mixtures
  • Large variety of shapes and free forming
  • High cost-effectiveness even for small quantities or one-offs
  • Individual design of single elements without additional costs

Machine capacities

Envelope: 4.0 x 2.5 x 1.0 m

Available materials

ECONIT is a new material developed specifically for the additive manufacturing of prefabricated parts for the construction industry. It is a construction material similar to cement with excellent functional and mechanical properties. ECONIT is sustainable, high resolution and extremely versatile, as it can bind a very large amount of natural aggregates (ground sand, wood, recycled glass, etc.).

Post-processing options

Post-processing milling


  • Free-form prefabricated parts for architecture and interior design, ready to use
  • Molds for large components
  • Form works
  • Gauges
  • Sculptures and works of art


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