Why FIT?

  • We are hugely experienced in selective laser sintering, as we have been using this technology since 1998.
  • Our modern machinery includes 12 machines with different capacities.
  • Our digitalized manufacturing processes allow us to handle large quantities of individualized components without any issues.
  • Around the world, more than 1,000 customers rely on our 3D printing service in this field.

SLS - description of the process

Selective laser sintering uses a laser to fuse plastic material in powder form onto the component’s contour in layers. Lowering the building platform and re-applying a fine powder coat fuses the next layer on the object and the layers are joined to create a three-dimensional object in the powder bed. The intense heat in the compartment creates a compact, self-supporting powder bed, meaning that no support structures are required.
SLS - description of the process


  • Manufacturing partially through to fully functional assemblies with connecting parts, moving parts, or hinges in one piece
  • High mechanical strength and temperature resistance
  • No mechanical ageing of the components
  • Material is suitable for contact with foodstuff
  • Freedom of design for geometries that cannot be produced using conventional technologies
  • Good post-processing possibilities, e.g. for painting

Machine capacities

2 x EOS P380
Envelope: 360 x 360 x 630 mm

1 x EOS P100
Envelope: 200 x 250 x 330 mm

2 x EOS P730
Envelope: 700 x 380 x 580 mm

7 x EOS P760
Envelope: 700 x 380 x 580 mm


Available materials

  • Alumide
  • TPU
  • PA 11
  • PA 12
  • PA GF
  • PA 2241 FR
  • PP


Post-processing options

  • Blasting
  • Painting
  • Metal coating
  • Infiltrating
  • Polishing
  • Smoothing
  • Vibration grinding



  • Prototypes with mechanical properties similar to injection molding
  • Lightweight designs with complex lattice structures
  • Individual components or customized small series with unique design
  • Small serial manufacturing as a cost-effective alternative to injection molding

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