Strategic AM consulting

In leading technology companies, innovation is mandatory. This is precisely where the use of new additive manufacturing technologies can provide decisive competitive advantages. But, there is no such thing as the “single must-have“ 3D printing technology or even systems from company “XY“ that make the difference. That's why we, as an independent company, work together with a wide range of technology providers. As a technology scout and leading specialist in additive manufacturing, we are committed to and invest in new AM developments.

This means that we can provide competent and comprehensive advice for the development of your radically innovative applications to allow you to secure the application-specific IP for your company early on. By cooperating with us, you can be sure that, after the successful development of an ADM component, you have all the relevant information for the upcoming serial production to make a well-founded “make or buy“ decision at this point in time.

Take advantage of our service for strategic AM consulting. Test us out. Send your inquiry and we will promptly reply to arrange an obligation-free consultation.

Our Process

Our process

Why FIT?

  • 25 years - the amount of experience in additive manufacturing available to you in a consulting project.
  • 0 % - the extent of our link to manufacturers or technologies, which is the reason why we can provide completely independent advice.
  • 100 % - the extent to which you can rely on our experts to reliably and competently guide you through the project.
  • 50 % - the percentage of projects that end successfully and lead to a new and promising application of 3D printing for your company.

Application example

For over 3 years we worked on a project with a renowned automobile manufacturer to tackle the question of the conditions under which the additive serial production of metal components will become established in car production in the coming years. Together, we analyzed countless components, created design studies and prototypes, completed test series, and performed material studies. All the data and facts were statistically recorded and analyzed. The result: the automobile manufacturer now has a clear recommendation for action.
Application example
Requirements analysis

Requirements analysis

The introduction and use of additive manufacturing is about more than the application of a new technology. It is about understanding how a future project can be developed using 3D printing. That is why, at the start of a project, we first analyze the intended application and the resulting requirements for the ADM component(s). Only once we have a precise understanding of both can we define the best path for production together with you.

Production concept

For the feasibility study, we place our knowledge about the additive manufacturing technologies at your disposal and support you accordingly. We are intimately familiar with the possibilities and limits of the 3D printing technologies. That is why we can provide process-oriented advice on additive design and component engineering. Depending on your requirements, we take over these tasks for you, manufacture prototypes, and perform functional tests until we have a fully developed ADM component.
Production concept
Final report

Final report

The final report summarizes all the results that were jointly developed in the project. It describes the application and the resulting requirements for the ADM component, identifies the most appropriate technology from a technical and economic perspective, provides information on the production costs, and contains the final data model of the ADM component. You can now make a clear and risk-free “make or buy” decision for production.

Additive manufacturing

Laser melting (PBF-LB/M)
Electron beam melting (PBF-EB/M)
Wire arc additive manufacturing (WAAM)
Full-color PolyJet
Selective laser sintering (PBF-LB/P)
Stereolithography (SLA)
PolyJet (FLT)
Binder jetting (Drop on Powder)
Gel dispensing printing (GDP)
Supersonic 3D deposition (SP3D)
Selective cement activation (SCA)

Conventional manufacturing

Injection molding
Vacuum casting
Polyamide casting
Tool manufacturing

Finishing techniques

Metal coating
Heat treatment
Barrel finishing

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