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Additive manufacturing of components is often associated with high quality requirements and short delivery deadlines. In order to ensure the highest measurement accuracy and reproducibility of results under time pressure, FIT employs various tactile measurement systems. They are primarily used for applications in motor sports or aerospace.

Machine capacities

Machine capacities

1x Zeiss Prismo Navigator
Messbereich: 700 x 1.000 x 600 mm
Messgenauigkeit: 1,0 μm + L/1.000

1x Zeiss Contura HTG
Messbereich: 900 x 1.200 x 650 mm
Messgenauigkeit: 1,0 μm + L/1.000

1x Mitutoyo Quick Vision Stream Plus
Messbereich: 600 x 650 x 250 mm
Messgenauigkeit: 1,5 μm + 3L/1.000

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