Thrust Reverser Cascade - The Challenge

The thrust reverser for a business jet consists of 12 single cascades positioned around the turbine of the aircraft. These cascades are traditionally made from titanium by using investment casting. The problem: There is just one supplier on the market. High procurement costs, high dependence, long delivery times, and no options for product optimization are just a few of the disadvantages our customer is facing. 

An innovative solution is necessary to reduce all these difficulties by using an alternative technology for serial production.

Thrust Reverser Cascade - The Challenge
Thrust Reverser Cascade - The FIT Solution

Thrust Reverser Cascade - The FIT Solution

ADM-Q (production of end-use parts)

Feasibility check
Result: Additive manufacturing of the thrust reverser cascade according to the customer-defined requirements (e.g. manufacturing technology, machine type, chemical consistency of the material, machine parameters, etc.) as well as considering the US standards and guidelines for the aerospace industry is possible, but a process for the necessary surface treatment has to be developed.

ADM-D project
Development of a finishing process to fulfill the high standards of the required surface smoothness

Additive manufacturing of 12 cascades with our highly standardized AM process for electron beam melting (EBM) of end-use parts.

- Support removal
- Grinding
- Blasting
- Ultrasonic cleaning
- Heat treatment (with customer-defined requirements concerning temperature, time, and pressure)
- Surface smoothing

Quality assurance
- CT scan after blasting
- GOM scan after blasting
- GOM scan after heat treatment
- CT scan after surface smoothing
- GOM scan after surface smoothing
- Dye penetrant test
- Measurement and control of tensile tests and density cubes
- Labeling of all components and all test parts for full traceability

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