Transtibial Orthesis - Challenge

Patients who need an orthesis still have to be satisfied with standard solutions and sizes. However, an improperly fitting orthesis is unfavorable in many ways, as it hinders, rubs, pushes, causing additional pain and at the same time slowing down the healing process. Therefore, in many cases it's of great importance for the success of the therapy that the patient does not receive a prefabricated but customized orthesis. These ortheses are often very expensive and need a lot of time for the manufacturing.

A better solution with an alternative production technology is necessary to reduce all these disadvantages and enables a customized serial production of ortheses. The idea of the German-based reha team is, therefore, to combine traditional production technologies with additive manufacturing to offer a customized orthesis at affordable costs.

Transtibial Orthesis - Challenge
Transtibial Orthesis - FIT Solution

Transtibial Orthesis - FIT Solution

ADM-CV (customized serial production of end-use parts)

Design brief

Result: Additive manufacturing of the orthesis is possible considering the standards and guidelines of the certification ISO 9001.

Final design
Test part production of the final customer design (the orthesis consists of different individual parts with different material and different requirements)

Additive manufacturing of the orthesis with two different AM processes according to ISO 9001

ADM-CV of transtibial orthesis and sole
- Additive manufacturing: Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) in PA 12
- Finishing: Vibration grinding or dipping or painting

ADM-CV of the insole
- Additive manufacturing: Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) in TPU
- Finishing: Blasting

ADM-CV of the connector
- Additive manufacturing: Electron Beam Melting (EBM) in Titanium Ti6Al4V
- Finishing: Support removal, blasting, polishing

Quality assurance

- Measurement and control of tensile tests/density cubes
- The numbering of all components and all test parts for full traceability

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