Why FIT?

  • As an early adopter of WAAM, we are intimately familiar with the technology and can manufacture components with complete reliability.
  • Our extensive selection of materials, the outstanding quality of the components, and the rapid build-up rates open up a whole range of applications for manufacturing individual parts, small series, or 3D printed spare parts.
  • WAAM allows us to quickly print numerous individual structures on a base body when low quantities and a high component variance are required.

WAAM - description of the process

Wire arc additive manufacturing (WAAM) uses arc welding to build up the component in layers. A metal wire is melted at the right place using a welding torch to form the desired blank. The rotating building platform means that the material build-up takes place across 5 axes with a maximum component size of 1 m³. This allows complex structures or cavities to be manufactured. The built-up component is then finally machined by CNC milling.

WAAM - description of the process


  • Material savings with targeted material application
  • Up to 60 % cheaper than subtractive CNC manufacturing
  • High build-up rate of up to 600 cm³/h, making it much faster than powder bed-based technologies
  • High variety of materials
  • Minimum distortion and low residual stress in the component
  • Pore-free layer structure
  • Hybrid construction, i.e. welding onto semi-finished products


Machine capacities

1 x GEFERTEC GTarc 800-5
Envelope: Ø 900 x 1,100 mm

Available materials

  • Virtually all weldable wires, e.g. steel, aluminum, Ni-base, NF metals
  • Steel: 1.5125, 1.4316, 1.4316 |X1 CrNi 19, 1.4332 |X2 CrNi 24 1,1.4370 |X5 CrNiMn 18, 1.4430 |X2 CrNiMo 19 12, 1.4462 |X2 CrNiMoN 22 8 3, 1.4551 |X5 CrNiNb 19 9, 1.5125 |G3Si1, 1.5130 |G4Si1
  • Aluminum: 3.2245 |AlSi5, 3.2371 |AlSi7Mg, 3.3536 |AlMg3, 3.3546 |AlMg4.5MnZr, 3.3548 |AlMg4.5Mn0.7, 3.3556 |AlMg5Cr
  • Copper-aluminum: 2.0921 |CuAl8


Post-processing options

  • Blasting
  • Polishing
  • HPHT (High pressure heat treatment)


  • Ideal for the rapid production of high-quality blanks for subsequent final machining of spare parts
  • Repairing of damaged components or parts of components

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