Elbow Implant - The Challenge

Unfortunate situations may easily occur in which people get seriously injured and will, therefore, need a medical implant. Especially in the area of joints such as the elbow, this means a big challenge. Quite often, standard implants do not provide a satisfactory result. In the worst case, there is no suitable solution at all and the joint must be stiffened which will deteriorate the patient's life quality dramatically.

A customized solution with reliable production technology is needed to overcome these difficulties and to enable the serial production of individual implants. The design is intended to facilitate bone ingrowth.

Elbow Implant - The Challenge
Elbow Implant - The FIT Solution

Elbow Implant - The FIT Solution

ADM-CV (customized serial production of end-use parts)

Design brief
Result: Additive manufacturing of the elbow implant considering the FDA standards and guidelines for medical devices is possible.

Final design
Production of test parts of the final customer design (the implant has different shapes, one part of the implant has a lattice structure and the other part is solid)

Additive manufacturing of the implant with our highly standardized AM process for electron beam melting (EBM or PBF-EB/M) of titanium (Ti6Al4V) raw parts for the medical industry according to EN ISO 13485

- Support removal
- Blasting
- Polishing
- Packing (special plastic bags)
- Labeling

Quality assurance
- Constant material analysis
- Measurement and control of tensile tests/density cubes
- The numbering of all components and all test parts for full traceability

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