Gear Lever and Taillights - The Challenge

Prototypes for design studies or functional tests are still a very important element of the product development process. Especially for FMCG or lifestyle products, fast and reliable design validation is very important to reduce the time to market. Therefore, industrial designers and engineers are searching more and more intensely for new ways to validate their designs even quicker. But especially multi-colored and multi-material components are really challenging to be manufactured as a prototype.

A new solution for the fast, realistic, and cost-effective manufacturing of design prototypes is necessary.

Gear Lever and Taillights - The Challenge
Gear Lever and Taillights - The FIT Solution

Gear Lever and Taillights - The FIT Solution

Rapid Prototyping (design prototypes)

Prototyping feasibility check
- Recommended material: VERO or TANGO family
- Recommended technology: Full-color PolyJet (VPJ)

Additive manufacturing

Additive manufacturing of the design prototype with our quality-approved AM process for Full-color PolyJet



Quality assurance

Visual quality check of every individual part after additive manufacturing

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