Church Retable - The Challenge

When the catholic church of St. Laurentius in Altmuehldorf had to be completely renovated, the parish decided that the sanctuary was to be thoroughly modernized by using state-of-the-art design and manufacturing technologies.

An innovative solution was conceived through the artistic concept for an 8 m high retable by German artist duo Empfangshalle and the computational design for the structure of the retable by Studio Tessin.

There were two particular challenges to be faced in this project: Firstly, the dimensions. The retable is 8 meters high and 2.5 meters wide - untested dimensions for a lattice structure so far. For this purpose, the object was manufactured using the SLS process (PBF-LB/P) in more than 60 single parts, each with an individual geometry, which were to be joined together via 2,000 precisely fitting joints to form a perfect whole.

Secondly, the piece was meant to have a golden, magical shine which required the development of a proprietary innovative process. The desired surface quality was realized by a special technique of thermal spraying.

This ambitious project was about nothing less than sheer feasibility; only FIT was able to accomplish the retable as desired. With success: Today, the retable blends harmoniously into the historic church architecture, instilling both contemplative and majestic admiration in the observer.

Church Retable - The Challenge
Church Retable - The FIT Solution

Church Retable - The FIT Solution

ADM-Q (production of an art piece)

Feasibility check
Result: Additive manufacturing of the retable is possible
- Recommended material: PA 12
- Recommended technology: Selective laser sintering (SLS resp. PBF-LB/P)


Additive manufacturing of 60 individual parts with our quality-approved AM process for selective laser sintering (SLS resp. PBF-LB/P)


- Coating of every individual part by using self-developed thermal spraying applying a bronze-aluminum alloy
- Assembly
- Final assembly in the parish church

Quality assurance
- Visual quality check of every individual part after additive manufacturing
- Measurement and control of tensile tests
- Visual quality check of the retable after assembling

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