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Driving the future, radical innovations…These are just two of the central conceptions industrial AM is currently focused upon. Improved or totally new additive technologies are the motor to advance the possibilities of 3D printing. Read more about the brand-new and absolutely fascinating rocket technology of SP3D, the latest technology enhancement at FIT. Best regardsAlbert Klein           Supersonic 3D PrintingFIT will soon 3D print copper parts at three times the speed of soundFIT Additive Manufacturing Group is one of the first companies ever to invest into cold spray technology. "SP3D", as the sci-fi-esque new technology by Australian manufacturer SPEE3D is called, offers several clear benefits. The reliable processing of copper is one, production speed another: SP3D is reported to be 100 to 1,000 times faster than other 3D printing technologies. Plus: Estimated production costs will be comparable to those of conventional molding techniques.Read more…     FIT campus is growing FIT opens own boarding house with individual 3D printed facadeArchitects and building companies resort more and more to the fantastic potential of Additive Manufacturing. FIT is showcasing how to integrate 3D printing purposefully into the construction process. "It's a fact that there are not enough hotel rooms in Lupburg. This actually represents a restriction to our growth", explains Carl Fruth, CEO of FIT. "We operate worldwide and more and more customers from abroad are coming to visit us here. Apart from this, we intend to be an attractive employer for highly qualified staff", continues Fruth. So the idea of the boarding house was born, and it would not have been FIT, would it not excel by an individual facade unthinkable without 3D printing.Read more…     Lighter and cheaper than pure metalImprove plastic parts by adding metal properties through metal coatingDoes it always have to be metal 3D printing? In many cases, it will be a clever and economical alternative to electroplate plastic parts. This creates a durable metal surface and will improve the functional properties of plastic parts for many applications. Metal Coating is one of our most sought-after finishing options and is easily available as an in-house service with high capabilities.Read more…     Think big in Italy!FIT extends its sales activities for xxl parts in metal and plastic to ItalyThe latest technological developments finally allow additive manufacturing to overcome former size restrictions. GDP (Gel Dispensing Printing) e.g. is an ideal solution to realize large plastic objects up to a height of 1.80 m. Perfectly finished, large objects excite a maximum of attention – with our expansion to Italy now also in the homeland of fine design!Read more...     Meet & GreetGet your free admission ticket to  Aluminium 2018 in Düsseldorf and formnext 2018 in Frankfurt/M.!Immerse yourself in the AM universe! Come and visit us at the following trade shows to learn all about the latest trends, technologies, and future trends in AM. Be prepared to discover spectacular innovations at our booth. Eager to know more? Well, come and see for yourself!• Aluminium 09.-11.10.2018 in Düsseldorf • formnext 13.-16.11.2018 in Frankfurt/MainSend us a brief e-mail at to get your free admission ticket. Do you wish to make an appointment? We will be happy to reserve you a time slot. Please send us your proposed date and we will confirm it depending on its availability.   Please feel free to ask for further information, or would you like to get a quote?We look forward to receiving your email!  
Breaking AM News by FIT Additive Manufacturing Group
Can individual modern facades be produced in an economical way?

Can individual modern facades be ...


3D printed models to be inserted into the facade tool - Credits: FIT Additive Manufacturing Group / Surface of panels mounted on wall with imprinted cavities - Credits: FIT Additive Manufacturing Group The current megatrend of individualization can, in architecture, best be summarized by the formula "exceptional thinking – exceptional living – exceptional building". On the AM campus of FIT Additive Manufacturing Group an eye-catching new boarding house has been erected, in a close collaboration between our product designers, architects Berschneider + Berschneider, and facade supplier Verotech. The facade stands out by a novel surface accentuated by a complex pattern of cavities, so that the massive geometry of the matte dark cube gains a sense of delicacy and lightness. The project "Facade 3000" is an innovative case study for rapid tooling in architecture. The special challenges included... creating a cost-saving tool to produce the facade panels ensuring the fast and economic production of the mounting panels producing a large surface area realizing a unique and individual facade design The characteristic cavities are achieved by specially designed inserts into the panel molds. The crystal design is an allusion to the polygons that are the typical element of the triangle mesh – the smallest unit of data models in 3D printing and a very subtle design message. FIT also produced the aluminum models using Laser Melting – a solution which turned out to be significantly less costly than the equivalent conventional techniques. The only finishing effort of the AM parts was blasting and grinding the edges evenly. They were immediately ready to use in the production tool. Facade supplier Verotech then produced the design panels. They were easily integrated into an efficient workflow. Production speed of 20 simultaneous panels (in rotation) was another positive expense factor. In terms of design, the arrangement of the cavities on each panel allows to create an eclectic pattern over the whole wall, where all panels are seamlessly mounted to form an even surface. The Boarding House is seen as an attractive enhancement to the AM campus to host guests from abroad but also as an additional service for employees and will be opened in late autumn.

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Individuality is one of the megatrends of our society. We are surrounded by countless examples, just think of the customized contents we consume when using our social media. It is foreseeable that this trend will be continued in our everyday lives in an even more palpable way. Individuality will conquer industries such as living and lifestyle, with consumers no longer being satisfied with “off-the-shelf” products. How can modern industries adapt to this actually rather dramatic change of business conception? With "Ceramic 3DPrinting" FIT Additive Manufacturing Group focuses on this trend combining state-of-the-art additive manufacturing and classic craftsmanship in a unique way. Dies Video kann in Ihrem Browser nicht wiedergegeben werden. Eine Download-Version steht unter Link-Addresse zum Abruf bereit.
New video: Customized ceramic tiles reflect current megatrend of individualization
The new impulses of 3D printing for art and design

The new impulses of 3D printing for art ...


3D printing is well-established in art and design Art is an expression of human creativity and appears in an almost unlimited number of manifestations. With a keen interest, we observe that a new medium has emerged as an interesting addition to the well-known inventory, giving artists access to a new technical freedom of expression: additive manufacturing. Contemporary art is disruptive. 3D printing is disruptive as well. So it's not such a big surprise to see contemporary artists explore this medium esthetically, as reveals the growing number of galleries and exhibitions showcasing fine art from 3D printing. When exploring the art landscape, watch out for 3D printed art and design objects. Which project instantly grabbed your attention? Tell us your opinion on facebook. We look forward to exchange our experiences! A new way of making: The metamorphosis of the real artwork from digital data In the digital age the artwork no longer starts its coming into existence with the artist clutching the chisel to carve the sculpture directly from the stone. Artists and designers create a virtual object before they turn to the physical material. Meaning, the artwork gains its three-dimensional appearance by the intermediary of a complex data model. These enhanced technical opportunities inspire sculptors and designers to find totally new esthetical options of expression. Do you want to know how additive design works? Would you like to learn how to create additive design? Well, go ahead! We offer various hands-on trainings to teach you all about additive design and manufacturing, including beginners's and advanced levels. Reach out, together we will define your individual training plan. FIT Additive Manufacturing Group is the new hammer and chisel Art will rightfully be called art only once it's perfect. So it will not only take suitable materials and subtle craftsmanship but also the adequate tool to accomplish the artwork. We understand what this means and have specialized, as a technology leader in additive manufacturing, in highly demanding projects. We love art projects and to solve tricky challenges is one of our passions. We are a meticulous manufacturing partner, with a special attention even to the tiniest of details. We are only satisfied when the client is, bridging the gap between the artists' parts of creating the data model and performing the finishing refinement. So, if you want to turn even the most eccentric ideas into reality: Try us! You can upload your data here to obtain a non-binding quote. It really makes us profoundly proud to participate in the creation of new and breath-taking art and design works. Let us invite you to stroll through our art and design gallery and to proudly present some really remarkable objects to you. Malina Sebastian's answer to the eternal desire for "Immortality" Berlin fashion designer Malina Sebastian created the design of this highly complex corsetry for her collecton "Immortality"m and we produced the intricate form by using Selective Laser Sintering. The futuristic dress was shown at the Platform Fashion Show in Dusseldorf, Germany, as well as a contribution to the 3D Pioneers Challenge 2017. With this collection, Malina traces humanity's old enigma if there can possibly be something like immortality. The 3D fashion oscillates between grotesque and avant-garde and is inspired by elements of human anatomy, a bizarre vegetation, and a fictive alienesque expression of humankind's desire of endless life. An attractive contrast is formed by of the soft and highly traditional silk material used for the soft pleated skirt as opposed to the rigid skeletal corsetry made by 3D printing with its associations of sci-fi industrial production. WertelOberfell: Shine and shade For 3D Pioneers Challenge 2016, we realized WertelOberfell's contribution using Selective Laser Sintering. ATOMIC LIGHT consists of 4 rings that are based on concentric ring-shaped spherical segments. As a result the rings can glide above each other in any position, are always in a balanced state and stay in place due to additional material friction. The adjustability of the rings enables the user to adapt the light to various room and light situations e.g. glare shielding and gives ATOMIC LIGHT its unique character. To give the rings the required stability, the designers generated a stiffness-optimized parametric 'Honeycomb Wireframe'. This new structure can only be produced by using 3D printing technology. The inner ring features two built-in channels to house LED stripes. ATOMIC LIGHT was designed for the entire structure to be sintered lying horizontally to keep manufacturing cost at a minimum. M. Eibe San Dheina: The Lotus Fountain Characterized by an austere geometry that reminds us of the design vocabulary of art deco, this lotus-like water tap unites the function of bathroom fittings and the esthetics of a fountain. A fantasy story of how elbs would wash their hands, designed by FIT. The lotus blossom is manufactured by Selective Laser Sintering, the matte surface is electroplated by Nickel. The stylized geometrical brass grid reminds of the single jets of water even when the tap is not in use. Christian Thaler: The Watering Bonsai A reminiscence of pop art, Christian Thaler's interpretation of a water tap reverses the relationship between plant and human being: Where the gardener normally waters the tree to keep it prospering, it's the tree here that dispenses water as an allegory to the life-giving power of nature. The technical execution combines different finishing techniques. The bonsai's crowns were manufactured by Selective Laser Sintering, colored in luscious green, whereas the abstract trunk's polygonous surface is coated with Metal to achieve a cool look. The Watering Bonsai has been installed in FIT Additive Manufacturing Group's headquarters in Lupburg, Germany. M. Eibe San Dheina: The Raining Leaf The leaf-shaped water tap designed by M. Eibe San Dheina is inspired by nature, alluding to an abundant rain forest vegation. The vascular water transport in plant stems serves as a model for the tap, yet the functional analogy is interrupted by the water outlets in the leaf veins. The botanical design of the copper leaf evokes the elegant floral elements of art nouveau. The tap in use at FIT Additive Manufacturing Group was realized by Selective Laser Sintering and finished with a warm copper coating. What is it that moves you? Art? Design? Or a brilliant idea? We are here to assist you in every respect. With the right technologies, we will work together to turn your ideas into reality. Contact us.

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The task force "3D Printing" of VDB, the German Association of the Railway Industry in Germany (Verband der Bahnindustrie in Deutschland e.V.), has united its members at FIT Additive Manufacturing Group. AM Experts from the European technology leaders discussed questions, perspectives and solutions focused on the future of practical industrial AM. Representatives of Siemens, Bombardier, MTU, and other major suppliers of railway components learned about a totally new concept for the additive manufacturing of spare parts which has been developed by FIT Additive Manufacturing Group to reduce complexity as well as costs in the after sales business. TÜV SÜD, one of the world's leading technical service organizations, presented a new approach to allow for the certification of the complete process chain specific to Additive Manufacturing. The meeting was concluded by an outlook by FIT Additive Manufacturing Group's host Oliver Cynamon, Head of Marketing & Business Development, who presented the activities FIT Additive Manufacturing Group is undertaking in the network "Mobility goes Additive", especially in the task force "Change Managements". Under the direction of Oliver Cynamon, this task force will publish a guideline on how to adopt AM into the company's organization early in 2019.
Experts' meeting on perspectives and guidelines to adopt AM on an industrial scale
Two trade shows, one trend line: Demand of AM services is growing at Engine Expo and Rapid.Tech

Two trade shows, one trend line: Demand ...


Rapid.Tech + FabCon 3.D in Erfurt Rapid.Tech + FabCon 3.D 2018 maintains the record for the longest standing trade show focused on additive manufacturing technologies in Germany. Attendees from more than 20 countries make Rapid.Tech one of the most important European AM events. Topics at the center of the user conference were new technologies and special panels focusing on science, tooling, aviation, and medtech. FIT Additive Manufacturing Group, a member of the advisory board of Rapid.Tech, has emphasized the trade show's 15th anniversary with two special commitments. CEO Carl Fruth formed part of the jury of this year's Start-up-Award and sponsored the 3D Pioneers Challenge, an international design contest of growing reputation. In return, he was honored with the "Urgestein" award as one of 15 AM pioneers with the highest impact on the industry. A new service in FIT Additive Manufacturing Group's portfolio is to provide urgently needed industrial spare parts that will be manufactured promptly on demand. Another AM trend we’re focusing on and providing is large format additive manufacturing. FIT Additive Manufacturing Group is the only provider in Europe to produce large metal parts with Wire Arc Additive Manufacturing (WAAM) and large and hollow plastic sculptures with Gel Dispensing Printing (GDP). "Rapid.Tech 2018 was a grand meeting of the European AM family, bringing together pioneers and new-comers", says Bruno Knychalla, Head of Large Format Additive Manufacturing at FIT Additive Manufacturing Group. "The trade show has, again, proven that we are the technology leader who is able to identify new technologies of high potential, to adjust them to industrial standards, and to integrate them into our comprehensive service portfolio. Take GDP as an example: We are excited to be the only contract manufacturer in Europe who can offer this technology to customers in architecture, allowing for outstanding applications such as unique facades, exclusive interior design, and many more." Engine Expo 2018 in Stuttgart At the same time, Engine Expo dedicated to the automotive industry was a go-to event for everybody interested in automotive engineering. A special provider for automotive and Formula 1 focused on additive design manufacturing and rapid prototyping, FIT Additive Manufacturing Group gave an added adge to the state-of-the-art services present at Engine Expo. David Sarnowski, Sales Manager at FIT Additive Manufacturing Group, sums up the event: "Attendees were very international, with a profound technical background and wide-spread interests. As foreseen, most enquiries dealt with metal additive manufacturing such as laser melting and Wire Arc Additive Manufacturing. Most requested were, again, complex geometrical structures to incorporate light weight construction and cooling systems." In the conference section, Albert Klein, CFO der FIT Additive Manufacturing Group, presented the technology's benefits as well as our experiences with it in greater detail. Wire Arc Additive Manufacturing uses 5-axis welding to produce 3D massive parts. Manufacturing costs can be lowered by up to 60 % when using WAAM instead of any comparable CNC procedure.

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Diana Petschulat (BARMER GEK) is expecting the guests / Enjoying the healthy yet tasteful buffet! FIT Additive Manufacturing Group has a good reputation as a technology leader in the field of Additive Manufacturing and hightech 3D printing. Yesterday we had a focus on fitness of another kind: BARMER GEK, one of Germany’s top statutory health insurance providers, organized a Health Day for our FIT Additive Manufacturing Group employees, following the motto "Brain food. Eat healthy to stay fit". The health specialists gave an overview of state-of-the-art nutrition research and its practical integration in a balanced work life, including some simple yet effective tips how to avoid performance slumps. Thank you, Stefanie Metty for a comprehensive and enlightening presentation, and Johanna Bartmann for demonstrating so many easy recreational office exercices – getting rid of the day's workload felt really good. The buffet with easy-to-prepare organic dishes and drinks was a truly tasteful accomplishment to the workshop.Working with FIT Additive Manufacturing Group means of course that our employees are fit by nature, but they are even more so since yesterday.  
Brain Food: This is what makes FIT Additive Manufacturing Group employees fit and healthy
Video Crystal Cabin Award 2018 is online!

Video Crystal Cabin Award 2018 is ...


The official video of CCA 2018 is out now! It was a pleasure and an honor for FIT Additive Manufacturing Group to present the Crstal Cabin Award award in the category "Material & Components" to Airbus and Altran. Even more so as the trophies were additively manufactured by FIT Additive Manufacturing Group. Manufactured in aluminum by laser melting, the backside of the trophy shows a precise honeycomb structure applied on a convex surface, which cannot be achieved in the same quality and efficiency by using conventional manufacturing. The resulting lightweight effect is astounding at first touch. Watch video here

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Ceramitec 2018 in Munich Ceramitec 2018, the international trade show of the ceramics industry, was an excellent forum for FIT Additive Manufacturing Group to showcase its latest technology enhancement, ceramic additive manufacturing. AM specialist FIT Additive Manufacturing Group made an impact at Ceramitec by focusing on cutting-edge ceramics from additive manufacturing, proving again its capability as a technology pioneer. Ceramic printing is a specialized skill of Boston Ceramics, a member of the FIT Additive Manufacturing Group. Boston Ceramics is backed by 25 years of experience in research and practice in this field. Areas of application can be observed in design objects, luxury tiles, and individually customized ceramic wall panels.   "Ceramitec was a great opportunity to present the possibilities of our ceramic AM to the industry experts present at this trade show as well as to the general public", explains Oliver Cynamon, Head of Business Development at FIT Additive Manufacturing Group. Ceramic printing is not intended to directly compete with conventional ceramic manufacturing. On the contrary, it empowers companies to produce totally different products, thus furthering the versatility of the material. This means, with ceramic AM it is possible to realize extremely complex designs which could not be achieved through conventional industrial technologies. No tooling is required, small batch manufacturing is no problem either, with lot sizes starting from 1 – an interesting perspective for luxury interior design, but also for prototyping.   AMUG Conference, St. Louis (MO) The Additive Manufacturing Users Group (AMUG) Conference assembles draws together engineers, designers, managers, and educators from around the world to share expertise, best practices, challenges, and application developments in additive manufacturing. CFO, Albert Klein represented the FIT Additive Manufacturing Group in the 2018 AMUG Conference section by introducing FIT Additive Manufacturing Group's new product solution addressing an additive technology that’s gaining attention – Wire Arc Additive Manufacturing (WAAM). WAAM is able to produce massive parts by utilizing a 5-axis wire arc additive manufacturing system. As discussions showed, the attendees were intrigued by the specific benefits of the technology: large format AM, higher build rates and significantly reduced material costs compared to powder bed AM – and, WAAM can process all available welding wires. Material data sheet (pdf)  |  About the technology (pdf) Bruce Colter, new VP at FIT America, is delighted by the positive feedback FIT Additive Manufacturing Group has earned for its comprehensive services at AMUG Conference. "The beauty of AMUG is that the attendees are truly users of the AM technologies. I know that FIT Additive Manufacturing Group is uniquely qualified to serve these users in making prototype and production parts (in metal & plastic), performing contract manufacturing, and assisting in the design & material aspects that give our customers a competitive advantage. There are only 4–5 companies in the world that have the AM technologies, talent, and financial stability that exists at FIT Additive Manufacturing Group. These capabilities, along with the industry’s highest quality control standards, make FIT Additive Manufacturing Group a leader in AM!"  
FIT showcases new AM technologies of Ceramic Printing and WAAM at ceramitec and AMUG Conference
Postshow Report of Ceramitec 2018 in Munich: Vivid Interest in FIT's Ceramic AM Services

Postshow Report of Ceramitec 2018 in ...


Ceramitec 2018, Munich's international key trade show of the ceramics industry was a great success, recording impressive attendance figures and highly satisfactory ratings from both exhibitors and visitors. FIT Additive Manufacturing Group is elated with Ceramitec’s success and with the opportunity to showcase FIT Additive Manufacturing Group’s latest technology enhancement, ceramic additive manufacturing. New disruptive manufacturing processes gear towards the futureFIT Additive Manufacturing Group participated at Ceramitec for the first time in 2018 as an exhibitor. Featured in the new Additive Manufacturing special show, the AM specialist made an impact with its focus on cutting-edge ceramics from Additive Manufacturing, proving again its capability as a technology pioneer. For many visitors, it was the first time to be exposed to these new future-driven manufacturing processes. Ceramic printing is the special skill of Boston Ceramics, a member of the FIT Additive Manufacturing Group with a record of 25 years of experience in research and practice in this field. FIT Additive Manufacturing Group’s expertise has made it possible to refine the basic ceramic printing technology by developing a proprietary material called Amcelain. Areas of application can be observed in design objects, luxury tiles, and individually customized ceramic wall panels. Excellent response for ceramic additive manufacturing"Ceramitec was an excellent opportunity to present the potential of our ceramic AM to the experts present from this industry as well as to the general public at the trade show", explains Oliver Cynamon, Head of Business Development at FIT Additive Manufacturing Group. The use of the ceramic material is not very widespread yet, which placed technology pioneer FIT Additive Manufacturing Group in an excellent position to share exceedingly useful information and explanation. Visitors' core questions were aimed at the significance of additive manufacturing in general, but related also clearly to the specific benefits of ceramic additive manufacturing. Exhibitors of this distinctively unique show included members of the whole value-added chain, ranging from machine producers to creative design and manufacturing experts as represented by FIT Additive Manufacturing Group. Benefits of ceramic AM Ceramic printing is not intended to directly compete with conventional ceramic manufacturing. On the contrary, it empowers companies to produce totally different products, thus furthering the versatility of the material. This means, with ceramic AM it is possible to realize extremely complex designs which could not be achieved through conventional industrial technologies. No tooling is required, small batch manufacturing is no problem either, with lot sizes starting from 1 – an interesting perspective for luxury interior design, but also for prototyping. Want to know more? Please contact FIT Additive Manufacturing Group to realize the impact Ceramic Printing could have for your business.

Prototyping or Additive Design and ...


What is your level of expertise when it comes to Additive Design & Manufacturing (ADM)?It is becoming far more obvious that disruptive additive techniques are about to revolutionize the future of manufacturing industries. At times, you may be faced with deciphering the myths and misperceptions related to this technology. The term "3D printing", an expression often used, certainly increases the ambiguity. That's why we feel the need to clarify some essential fundamentals around prototyping and additive manufacturing. Myths and MisconceptionsOne frequent presumption is that it will be sufficient to substitute one kind of manufacturing technology with another, leaving all remaining elements of the manufacturing processes untouched. This approach is inconceivable! At FIT Additive Manufacturing Group, we work with our clients on focusing on the entire value chain as an essential component of the term "AM revolution". The paradigm shift extends to every single step of the production process. Engineers literally have to reconsider every pre-established detail from this new perspective, starting from a different 'additive' perception of products, to considering the very specific challenges of additive manufacturing including design for AM and a variety of quality assurance issues. Let’s take a look at a common question, "Can I save on production costs by 3D printing my conventionally molded part?" This is exactly why we avoid the expression "3D printing" because it eludes to ‘simple and easy’, miracle-like solutions. In reality, additive manufacturing is a difficult business which requires a fully dedicated commitment to the entire process. Additive manufacturing can indeed change the game, but excellence in execution does have a price. AM’s full potential can’t be realized without accounting for the effects on a company’s entire supply chain and total cost of ownership (TCO). Prototyping vs. Additive Manufacturing – all the same thing, right?Definitely not. It's true they share a common root which is classic rapid prototyping, but the practical differences are huge. Defining the production process is dependent on the intended use of the part. In prototyping, FIT Additive Manufacturing Group manufactures sample parts for product development such as test parts, concept and design models, functional prototypes, but also pilot series. Key elements of this manufacturing process are very short lead times as well as a defined functionality for a short-timed use. When referencing Additive Design & Manufacturing (ADM), FIT Additive Manufacturing Group is the industry’s technology pioneer as a provider of highly specialized and complex additive series components. Utilizing over 250,000 square feet of AM manufacturing, we are positioned to offer a broad range of services, including additive design and engineering (pre-production phase), a huge spectrum of different AM technologies (production phase) using SLA, Laser Melting, WAAM et al., and elaborate finishing methods (post-production phase). This enables us to provide our clients with truly innovative and competitive products. Prototyping – ADM: A Comparison   Why order prototyping services from us? Very short lead times Enhanced market intelligence Excellent time-to-market (TTM) Vast array technologies immediately available at every step of the production process   Why order ADM services (Additive Design and Manufacturing) from us? Engineering proficiency (additive design and engineering) Quality assurance specific to additive series production Inhouse experts for materials, laser technology, post-processing Example: Additively optimized cylinder head with internal microstructuring resulting in a weight reduction of 66 %   FIT Prototyping is your single-source provider for any prototyping need, leading the industry with over 20 years of experience and accountability. Applications range from custom made concept & design models to fully functional prototypes ready for testing, beginning from a lot size of 1 up to small batch and pilot series.   Service spectrum FIT Prototyping (PDF) Material data sheets FIT Prototyping Contact/requests FIT Prototyping   FIT Production, on the other hand, is the right partner to provide expertise for any phase of the additive manufacturing process. Services start from uniquely specific additive design and engineering expertise to feasibility tests, design optimization, then move to the actual production process, including post-processing methods as well as a multitude of quality assurance techniques specifically required by AM.   Service FIT Production (PDF) Material data sheet FIT Production Contact/requests FIT Production     CASE STUDY AUTOMOTIVE BRACKET Customer specification #1: A quickly available, instantly usable copy of an existing bracket.   Material: Steel Weight: 640 g Lot size: 1 – 100 Technology: Laser Melting Requirements: Creation of STL file, production Benefit: quickly available, instantly usable Lead time: 4 working days Cost per piece: € 2,218       Customer specification #2: A weight-reduced, fully functional redesign of an existing bracket.   Material: Aluminum Weight: 239 g Lot size: 100 - 500 Technology: Laser Melting Requirements: Creation of STL file, topology optimization, FEM, production Benefit: Material reduction Lead time: 2 weeks Cost per piece: € 2,123       Customer specification #3: A weight-reduced and fully functional redesign of an existing bracket, capable for series production. Material: Aluminum Weight: 203 g Lot size: 500 – 1000 Technology: Laser Melting Requirements: Creation of STL file, topology optimization, series optimization, FEM, production Benefits: Material & cost reduction Lead time: 10 weeks Cost per piece: € 467     Case Study Summary:Each product has its own set of specifications which ultimately defines the parameters of the required production process. Reasonable and acceptable adaptation to disruptive manufacturing concepts will only be profitable for carefully selected products. With FIT Additive Manufacturing Group’s conceived Additive Design and Manufacturing applications, we empower our clients to create totally different products, optimized according to their individual specification, which cannot be realized in the same design and efficiency otherwise. Indeed, quality requirements will have to be adapted for AM parts, we are well suited to besure they will be fully met. Sound complicated? It can be, but your AM acheivements stand to be more easily met with a dedicated Additive Design & Manufacturer like FIT Additive Manufacturing Group. With us at your side there is no need to feel apprehensive, we’re with you – every step of the process! Many companies are trying to keep up with the current industrial trends by experimenting with "3D printing". Let's keep in mind that AM is not just another machine in a corner of the facility but demands full commitment to the entire ADM process. We have gained our expertise from over 20 years of practical doing. With our help you'll succeed from your first try.
Prototyping or Additive Design and Manufacturing? The FIT Additive Manufacturing Group Essentials
Which AM technology is most likely utilized to construct plastic prototypes with excellent surface quality?

“Which AM technology is most likely ...


One of the most important AM (Additive Manufacturing) technologies used at the FIT Additive Manufacturing Group is Stereolithography – which also happens to be one of our most widely used processing methods. After decades of working with SLA, we know literally everything there is to know about the technology. Why is SLA so successful? Read Thomas Geitner’s perspective, CEO of FIT Prototyping and an AM expert with more than 20 years of practical experience. Thomas Geitner:“We love to work with SLA at FIT Additive Manufacturing Group. The reason is simple, we’re confident that our customers will be extremely satisfied with our products. SLA allows for high surface quality and resolution. As a result, specifically designed patterns can be achieved in flawless and perfect appearances. Interestingly enough, a major application of SLA parts is to produce master models for molding and casting processes. The rapid production of SLA parts (starting at 3 working days) is a way to reduce product development times; different design variants can be tested very quickly. Speed or Quick Time to Market (TTM) is often a decisive benefit when considering customer requirements." Process Characteristics SLA: • Curing of layers (0.1 – 0.15 mm) of liquid photopolymers by UV lasers, support structures required• Maximum build space: 2,000 mm x 1,000 mm x 1,000 mm• Lead time: starting from 3 working days• Learn more... Available Materials: • White material similar to ABS (SLA1)• Transparent material (SLA2)• Material with higher elongation at break (SLA3)• Heat resistant material (SLA4)• Learn more in the material data sheet Properties and Benefits: • Good surface quality• High accuracy• High resolution• Very short lead times• Very suitable for post-production processes Areas of Application:• Prototypes and design models• Master parts for casting techniques• Detailed models of complicated geometry• Learn more about our range of rapid prototyping services

FIT Additive Manufacturing Group's ...


A recent survey among FIT Prototyping’s customers reveals SLS as one of the most sought-after technologies. Thomas Geitner, CEO of FIT Prototyping which is a member of the international FIT Additive Manufacturing Group, explains the good reasons for this success story. Thomas Geitner: ”SLS is one of our most successful technologies in AM. FIT Additive Manufacturing Group’s team excels by possessing decades of deep expertise. An entire department dedicates all its energy, talent, and skill to mastering this technology. Depth of knowledge, coupled with our machine capacities – we currently run 12 SLS machines – guarantee a swift manufacturing process for SLS parts. Bear in mind, the greatest advantage of of AM is speed: We are usually able to produce parts of almost any geometrical complexity within 2 working days. Let’s face it, prompt service adds an essential competitive edge for every business!“                               Process Characteristics • Hardening of powder thermoplastic layers (100-150 µm) by      laser • Build space max. 700 mm x 380 mm x 590 mm • Production time: starting from 2 working days • Read more...        Range of Materials: • FIT PA • FIT Alumide • FIT PA-GF • FIT TPU                                                                                                • Read more in the overview data sheet • FIT Elastomers                               Properties and Benefits: • Good mechanical and thermal properties • Group of assemblies can be realized as one piece • Very little finishing need • Series manufacturing • Functional parts within extremely short lead times • Highly complex structures of conventionally impossible geometries                     Areas of Application: • Design prototypes • Prototypes for functional testing • Industries: automotive, consumer goods, interior design, etc. • Components of high geometrical complexity                                • Pilot series • Read more about our Range of Rapid Prototyping services    
FIT Additive Manufacturing Group's Quality Characteristics of Selective Laser Sintering
Invitation to participate at 3D Pioneers Challenge

Invitation to participate at 3D ...


3D Pioneers Challenge, aka 3DPC is the international competition for additive manufacturing technologies taking place at Rapid.Tech + FabCon 3.D 2018 in Erfurt, Germany. In collaboration with the Messe Erfurt, 3DPC seeks to uncover the specialists from around the world who are thinking outside the box, following the motto "PUSHING BOUNDARIES". Prize money is 15,000 Euro, the award ceremony and gala evening will take place at Rapid.Tech + FabCon 3.D (5th – 7th June 2018). FIT Additive Manufacturing Group is acting as a sponsor for the competition for the third time in the three years of 3DPC's existence. Let your creativity shine out all projects as known before! Verticals will be Design, Digital, Architecture, Material, FashionTech, MedTech and Mobility. Deadline for application: 15th March 2018. Application information and registration at, more information at We wish you a great inspirational flow... and good luck!

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The FIT Additive Manufacturing Group is the specialist for innovative first-class products from Additive Manufacturing (AM). We are a reliable partner in additive manufacturing, capable of providing you with complete production solutions, from prototypes to small batch series and pilot series, to real volume manufacturing. Let us demonstrate how FIT Additive Manufacturing Group's wide range of product and services can assist with your company's success! Check out FIT Additive Manufacturing Group's broad range of services and solutions (pdf).   General Product Categories Sharing the FIT Knowhow Pre-Processing Services Processing Services Post-Processing Services Quality Services   GENERAL PRODUCT CATEGORIES Rapid Prototyping ✓Concept and Design Models               ✓Functional Prototypes ✓Pilot Series        Additive Design and Manufacturing (ADM)      ✓Individual Parts: ADM Quality      ✓Serial Parts: ADM Volume Manufacturing      ✓Mass customization: ADM Customized Volume Manufacturing      ✓Spare Parts e.g. by Reverse Engineering: ADM Spare Parts     COMPLETE MANUFACTURING SERVICES ALL FROM ONE SOURCE Sharing the FIT Knowhow • Individual Factory Tours • Workshops – Learn Best Practices, Repeatability, Reliability (ADM-W)   Pre-Processing Services Engineering Services: Theoretical and practical assistance in additive designing (ADM-E)   Processing Services Metal, Additive Technologies:     • Laser Melting • Electron Beam Melting • Wire Arc Additive Manufacturing WAAM Metal, Hybrid / Conventional Technologies:               • Investment Casting • Precision Engineering and CNC Milling   Plastic, Additive Technologies:                             • Selective Laser Sintering • Stereolithography • Full Color Polyjet • Gel Dispensing Printing GDP • Fused Deposition Modeling • Drop on Powder • Fine Layer Technique Plastic, Hybrid / Conventional Technologies:     • Injection Molding • Vacuum Casting • Rubber Molding • Polyamide Casting • RIM, Lamination • Precision Engineering and CNC Milling   Ceramics, Additive Technology:                     • Ceramic Printing                     Post-Processing Services                   • Surface Finishing                   • Metal Coating                   • Assembling                   • Spray Painting                   • Precision Engineering                   • Shot Blasting       Quality Services • CT Scanning • 3D Scanning • Optical Profilometry • Metallography • Tensile Testing • Optical Microscopy • 3D Coordinate Measuring                   • Element Analysis • Surface Roughness • Powder Analysis   WE ARE HERE TO HELP! Do you have questions or require further information? Email us at If you prefer to speak with us directly, click here: callback. Together, let’s make 2018 a successful year!  
Directory to the Entire Range of FIT Additive Manufacturing Group Services
Registration for "Start-Up Award 2018" is open

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TECH-TALENTS WANTED! As a member of the advisory board of Rapid.Tech, we would like to invite you to participate in the upcoming competition for 2018's Start-Up-Award 2018 by Rapid.Tech + Fabcon 3.D. Are you a young company from the digital fabrication or additive manufacturing sector that needs an urgent cash injection as well as feedback on your business model? If this sounds like you, then register for the Rapid.Tech + FabCon 3.D Start-Up Award. As part of an exciting pitch competition, you will receive valuable feedback and be asked critical questions by a panel of judges consisting of experienced entrepreneurs, VC investors and business experts. Prizes include € 12,000 in prize money, free booths at Rapid.Tech + FabCon 3.D in 2019, and diverse software licences. The eight finalists will receive a free booth within the start-up area at Rapid.Tech + FabCon 3.D 2018 (June 5–7, 2018). Sounds interesting? Very well. Simply proceed to the official web page of the Start-Up Award 2018 to find all registration information. Good luck! Deadline for application: March 19, 2018.

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A new and promising year is upon us. We would like to thank all business partners, suppliers and associates for contributing to an exceptionally successful 2017; we look forward to continued growth and enrichments of committed business relationships in 2018. The following short summary, prepared for you, is intended to highlight FIT Additive Manufacturing Group’s achievements in 2017 and demonstrate favorable future developments for 2018. The FIT Additive Manufacturing Group Motto in 2017: Expand The Possibilities! In the beginning of 2017 we moved into the FIT Additive Manufacturing Group Tower, our new corporate headquarters – an architectural jewel and treasure chest for additive manufacturing (AM) innovation. A second production facility designed to heighten our machine inventory and a corporate guest house, perfectly suited for our affiliated business travelers, are both currently under construction.   Acquisitions and New Businesses Rubber molding Precision engineering and cnc milling Ceramic printing for exlusive and individual ceramic tiles and design objects Enhancement of our model building and tooling by RIM, lamination, deep drawing, etc. Rubber molding Precision engineering Ceramic printing RIM and more New Technologies •    Wire Arc Additive Manufacturing (WAAM) for big metal parts •    Gel Dispensing Printing (GDP) technology for xxl plastic parts •    Metal coating (finishing/post-processing) •    Continuous enhancement of our in-house measuring and testing inventory for the best-possible quality assurance WAAM GDP Metal coating Many new measuring techniques Technology Day 2017 A paramount moment in our company history was achieved in April when we hosted FIT Technology Day in our newly opened FIT Additive Manufacturing Group Tower. FIT Additive Manufacturing Group’s 1200 registered guests were invited to take a personal look into our production processes and learn first-hand of FIT Additive Manufacturing Group’s knowledge of revolutionary and innovative AM trends. The interest was overwhelming; we are extremely grateful for all who attended!     Outstanding Guests and International Delegations Throughout the year, we have had the honor to host a multitude of distinguished guests interested in our vision of the future of additive manufacturing technology. Among the guests were Bavarian State Secretary Albert Füracker, Minister of Finance Dr. Markus Söder, and the Most Reverend Rudolf Voderholzer, Bishop of Regensburg (left), as well as the Royal Academy of Engineering Sciences (IVA) of Sweden, and many more. Trade Shows We value these exhibitions as they provide opportunities to showcase and demonstrate FIT Additive Manufacturing Group’s service capacities as well as new products and services to a number of industries like automotive and motor sports.   Research Projects and Collaborations "NewGenStent" aims at revolutionizing cardiology by developing a new generation of stents through additive manufacturing, with FIT Additive Manufacturing Group partnering with OTH (technical university of applied sciences) Regensburg and the University Hospital Regensburg Membership in Deutsche Bahn's network "Mobility goes Additive", the network for Additive Manufacturing in the mobility and logistics branch Involvement in Technology Campus Parsberg German-Russian joint venture FITNIK to promote aviation technology and engineering through additive manufacturing "NewGenStent" "Additive Goes Mobility" Technology Campus Parsberg FITNIK   Thank You for an Incredible 2017! We wish all our Employees, Customers and Industry Partners the Very Best Year in 2018!
FIT Additive Manufacturing Group Annual Report 2017
Postshow report of an energizing PRI at Indianapolis (IN)

Postshow report of an energizing PRI at ...


FIT America, a member of the FIT Additive Manufacturing Group, looks back at a very successful first-time PRI participation. It was really motivating to discuss our service opportunities related to motorsports with so many interested visitors. Pity you couldn’t make it – but no worries: We will be happy to assist you in all questions around Additive Design and Manufacturing. Our trade show highlights in a nutshell Germany-based FIT Additive Manufacturing Group is a specialist provider for industrial additive manufacturing for metal, plastic, and ceramic. In our model factory we are able to offer you the biggest privately-owned capacity of additive manufacturing of metal parts in the world. Please find here an overview of all of FIT Additive Manufacturing Group's services. One of the FIT Additive Manufacturing Group highlights was the presentation of the new WAAM technology (Wire Arc Additive Manufacturing). The sample parts attracted a lot of interest because many visitors immediately recognized the benefits of the technology for their fabrication – fast build rates for big, massive metal parts at reduced material costs as every wire material apt to welding may be used. Please see our informational WAAM data sheet. Don Stamets from FIT America on his trade show impression: "Overall the show was very successful. There was a very high interest in our metal printing technology. The cylinder head received the most views. At times it was literally surrounded be interested visitors viewing it. The other often handled item was the tubing assembly. People were most impressed by the weight difference." Watch the video case study of our topology-optimized cylinder head on YouTube! For those not familiar with ADM – this is the FIT Additive Manufacturing Group's concept for Additive Design and Manufacturing. No one wants to be second. It's all about winning, and the ability to efficiently innovate and manufacture designs and systems can provide that added edge. PRI put on display what Additive Design and Manufacturing as conceived by FIT Additive Manufacturing Group can contribute to the motorsport industry. Please find here a case study regarding our topology-optimized cylinderhead (pdf) as well as an overview of our range of services in ADM.

Bigger show event – big success ...


    With now two exhibition floors crammed with innovation and manufacturing expertise, Germany-based formnext 2017 is clearly booming. After closing the gates, the FIT Additive Manufacturing Group can look back at an extremely busy and successful show event. A lot of visitors were attracted by our eye-catching beer cooling fountain, which illustrates perfectly the use case of visual communication by xxl plastic parts as produced with our new GDP technology for xxl plastic parts. Needless to say that the fountain was also quite popular at after-show hours! Most sought-after: Our trade show highlights in a nutshell You missed the trade show? That's a pity, but hey – no problem in the digital age. Or else, how about  dropping by any other time? We will be happy to present you all our highlights exclusively, and enter into a good discussion about opportunities and realistic potential. Germany-based FIT Additive Manufacturing Group is a specialist provider in the fields of Rapid Prototyping and real industrial additive manufacturing for metal, plastic, and ceramic. In our model factory we are able to offer you the biggest privately-owned capacity of additive manufacturing of metal parts in the world. Please find here an overview of our overall novelties in 2017.      At formnext, FIT Prototyping proudly presented its strongly enhanced capacities in model building (RIM, precision engineering, injection molding of elastomeres). Big metal parts can now be produced by the new  WAAM technology (Wire Arc Additive Manufacturing), big plastic parts by the new GDP technology (Gel Dispensing Printing). Please find here an overview of our range of services in prototyping.     FIT Production is the right partner to provide additive volume manufacturing for any lot size and level of quality assurance as required by the customer. Our services start from skilled assistance in engineering, e.g. related to topology-optimization und specific construction for additive manufacturing processes. By our long-term expertise and a unique variety of technologies and machines we stand out as a truly specialized manufacturer. At the end of the process chain, our spectrum of inhouse quality assurance includes options ranging from classical coordinate measuring to ct scanning, surface scanning, 3D profilometry, and element analysis. Please find here an overview of our range of services in ADM.    
Bigger show event – big success for FIT Additive Manufacturing Group at formnext 2017!
Improve your plastic parts by functional metal coating

Improve your plastic parts by ...


We are pleased to offer you a new post-production service: functional metal coatings enhance our broad range of services for additively manufactured parts and components. The application of the metal coating is a process of electroplating plastic parts with a thin layer of nickel and/or copper. The mechanical rigidity of a metal coated plastic part is increased by up to a factor of 10x. The applications are broad for metal coatings: • Esthetic refinement for design purposes • Significant increase in part rigidity • EMC shielding • Long-term dimensional stability • Lighter parts with the benefits of a metal outer surface • Electroforming • Lower cost due to plastic substrate versus all metal • Added materials flexibility to meet greater design creativity! Our application technology is based on a proprietary eco-friendly system designed specifically for producing the galvanizing process without any wastewater. Please note our current capacity: • 4 large baths (each 1,000 l) for simultaneous use • Part sizes on request 5 reasons why FIT Additive Manufacturing Group is right for your coating needs: • Shorter lead time as this additional service is performed in-house, under one roof, thus eliminating logistical delays • Eliminates the geometric design restrictions caused by bending limitations of formed parts • No additional charge for low volumes as small as a single part • High degree of customization • This non-contact coating process is proprietary to FIT Additive Manufacturing Group! For additional technical questions, including available substrate materials, layer thicknesses, etc. please download our data sheet.

Model Building: FIT Prototyping widens ...


FIT Prototyping has widened its range of of services by acquiring an established model building company near Munich, Germany. You can benefit from a gain of knowhow and capacity, especially speaking of RIM, lamination, and milling. The FIT Additive Manufacturing Group has more than 20 years of experience in key industries such as automotive and motorsport, aviation and medical technology, architecture and design. Our customers appreciate our comprehensive range of services and technologies as well as our short lead times. Here is a short overview of the efficient solutions that FIT Prototyping, a fully owned subsidiary of the FIT Additive Manufacturing Group, is able to provide:   Model building: - prototyping and design models      - cubing models / DKM - fits and gauges - mounting jigs - landscape models - concept models         Tooling and molding:    - RIM parts (including 2K)                                - lamination forms (GFK, CFK)       - deep-drawing molds    - foaming molds     Part manufacture: - polyurethane RIM (including 2K, for      lot sizes of around 300 pieces) - lamination (GFK) - assembly of ZSB and COP parts           Machining:    - 5 axis HSC milling      (3,000 mm x 2,500 mm x 1,100 mm)    - available materials: GFK, CFK,      plastic, EPP  
Model Building: FIT Prototyping widens its range of services in model building
FIT Additive Manufacturing Group now able to produce XXL plastic parts by new AM technology

FIT Additive Manufacturing Group now ...


One rare restriction AM still has to face today is size – which is determined by the size of the build chamber. For all customers who need big-sized plastic parts, the FIT Additive Manufacturing Group now has the right answer: The new GDP technology can produce xxl parts up to the size 1.8 m x 1.5 m x 1.2 m. Manufacturing speed is up to 10 times faster when compared to similar technologies. This is especially useful for prototyping purposes, e.g. for big objects intended for visual communication and advertising, for concept models, furniture, etc. What is GDP? In „Gel Dispensing Printing“ (GDP) a special gel is extruded by a dispenser (print head) to form the part. The material is then hardened by UV-LED curing. Possible layer thickness varies between 0.7 mm and 2.1 mm. For more information, please see our GDP data sheet (PDF). Advantages of GDP in comparison to other AM technologies • no supports needed even for strong backcuts • no support needed for lids up to a diameter of 20 cm • XXL size: max. 1.8 m x 1.5 m x 1.2 m • high printing speed: up to 0.33 m/h (z-axis) • two simultaneously working print heads • produced parts ideal for classical model building and finishing technologies (e.g. milling, polishing, coating) Excellent addition to FIT Additive Manufacturing Group's range of technologies and services "Now we are able to meet our customers' needs for big-sized parts better", explains Carl Fruth, founder and CEO FIT Additive Manufacturing Group. "We have of a great variety of finishing technologies in model building and are able to offer our customers a multitude of efficient solutions, with short lead times and at reasonable costs."

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Did you know that the FIT Additive Manufacturing Group's factory for additive manufacturing provides the biggest capacities for metal parts in the world? We are your reliable partner whenever you require innovative metal parts fast and in controlled quality. Excellent use cases for metal parts made by laser melting are complex serial parts and quickly available prototypes that fulfill exactly the customer's requirements. For more information about our standard materials in laser melting (i.e. aluminum, stainless steel, maraging steel) please read our material data sheet. 5 good reasons why you should 3d-print your serial parts by laser melting at FIT Additive Manufacturing Group: Huge production capacities allow for quick availabilty and short delivery times Big build chambers allows bigger parts resp. bigger lot sizes High freedom of design for innovative, completely new products Assistance in product design by skilled additive engineering (e.g. regarding topology optimization, serial optimization, FEM analysis) Special quality control for functional serial parts as needed e.g. in motorsport From innovative manufacturing technologies such as laser melting to cutting-edge conventional finishing techniques: We can perform all desired services under one roof. Let's find the best solution for your products – fast, flexible, cost-effective. 5 good reasons why you should 3d-print your prototypes from laser melting by FIT Additive Manufacturing Group: Manufacturing without tooling means shorter iteration steps as design changes can be immediately implemented As no tooling is required, the flexible production of design variants allows for shorter product development time A rich variety of processing and finishing options allows for perfect design samples as required e.g. to support the sales team Fully functional prototypes made from the original material of the final product permit reliable test results All parts will undergo a clearly specified quality control using a variety of inhouse 3d measuring methods
Speed up your production with additively manufactured metal parts made by laser melting
Advantages of Additive Manufacturing for Medical Implants

Advantages of Additive Manufacturing ...


Titanium medical implants are an ideal application for additive manufacturing (AM). Process-related benefits complement the clear economic advantages. Speaking of medical technology, FIT Production has specialized in producing individual implants, serial implants and medical devices. FIT Production is compliant with the requirements of the American FDA and has been certified according to the European standards of EN ISO 13485. AM for individual implants: Fast and cost-efficient • Large production capacity and availability at FIT Additive Manufacturing Group allows for immediate order fulfillment • No time-consuming CNC machine programming necessary • No raw material storage required • Significantly reduced delivery time (minimum 4 days vs. 10 weeks or more) Want to know more about the advantages for designers, marketing authorization holders (MAHs), hospitals, doctors, and the patients? Please click here. AM for serial implants: Cost-efficient production of complex parts • Freedom of design allows for very complex components that cannot be produced by conventional technologies, e.g. volume structures in spinal cages • Surface quality: The native roughness resulting from the AM technology can be further optimized by AM-specific microstructuring • CE mark of conformity for series of identical implants (for European markets) • Reduced set-up costs for simultaneous production of design variants in one build job since no tooling is required This example of a titanium implant for craniofacial bone reconstruction illustrates the clear benefits of additive manufacturing for customized implants. Download the case study by clicking here. For questions regarding availability and pricing of our serial implants, please send your inquiry to: Would you like us to provide you with a non-binding quote? Please feel free to send us an inquiry.

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  Medical implants manufactured through additive manufacturing provide advantages before, during, and after surgery. While it is the patient who greatly benefits, from a holistic perspective, so does the whole healthcare system. Intrinsic advantages of Additive Manufacturing for medical implants: + Fast production by direct build-up from a digital data model without any tooling requirements + Freedom of design allows for an accurately-fitting reconstruction of complex, organic structures + Ideal osteoconductive bone substitute in combination with process-related roughness and microstructuring + Optimum stability and fracture strength of the implant itself and its ingrowth ability The use of AM for implantology has numerous beneficial effects...        ... before surgery        ... during surgery        ... after surgery Patient-friendly treatment Shorter bed times (occupancy) when waiting for the implant to be produced No additional surgery for autologous bone transplantation necessary Minimized complication risk, e.g. reduced risk of atrophy and deterioration of general condition   Significant reduction of average surgery length due to the good fitting accuracy Improved capacity planning due to significant reduction of operating room occupancy Reduced complication risk High success rate Ease of work for operating team   Good osseointegration for quick and stable bone ingrowth Low risk of rejection reaction, infection... Good mechanical supporting and protecting function Faster rehabilitation Natural-looking recovery of original physical appearance Improvement of the quality of life of the patient In short, it's all about the potential to dramatically save costs and to offer significant benefits to all parties involved including the designers of medical products, MAHs, hospitals, health insurance providers, health workers and surgeons etc., as well as improved outcomes for patients. From the economic as well as the medical perspective, a strong argument for the use of implants from AM is their fast, global availability, and as a result, major cost savings. Benefits of additively manufactured implants for the public health system:     + Significant reduction in hospital bed occupancy     + Significant reduction in surgery time     + Lower complication rate     + Faster rehabilitation     + Lower total cost of medical care   Case Study: Customized implant The following example of an implant for cranioplasty shows the clear advantages of additive technologies for customized implants. Read more about the project in our info sheet (PDF). Benchmarking data:   Type of implant: accurately-fitting customized implant made of titanium (EBM technology)   Size:  123 mm x 56 mm x 90 mm (x-axis / y-axis / z-axis)   Delivery time: within 4 days after ct scan   The requirements of all involved parties have been met to their utmost satisfaction. As an immediate consequence, this project generated additional  orders at the same hospital.   Do you have any questions? For a non-binding quote, please click here. We look forward to assisting you in any possible way.
Why it is so important to use additively manufactured medical implants
Are you prepared for Additive Design and Manufacturing?

Are you prepared for Additive Design ...


To remain competitive, many technology-oriented companies are exploring the opportunities that additive manufacturing can offer their business model. However, it's not sufficient to simply purchase the right hardware. It's the new way of thinking engineers will have to adopt that will determine the success of introducing and adopting AM. We Add Design to Additive Manufacturing! With over 20 years of production experience with additive manufacturing (AM), our FIT Additive Manufacturing Group experts know the possibilites and restrictions of the diverse technologies and materials very well. We know about the importance of a skillful additive design to achieve better yet cost-optimized parts. That's why we focus on Additive Design and Manufacturing (ADM). Learn from our unique and extensive ADM knowledge! Our workshops for designers and technical engineers will show you the basics of true additive design and the subsequent manufacturing. Schedule one of the following hands-on trainings. They will be held either at our headquarters in Lupburg, Germany, or on request at your company's office. FIT Additive Manufacturing Group ADM engineering workshops: We offer three levels of training for additive engineering. Basic level: Additive Design and Manufacturing Get an expert summary of the ADM principles, the application and challenges of AM in comparison to traditional technologies, and the essential design rules for AM. Advanced level: Additive Design and Manufacturing Learn how to choose and evaluate new parts suitable for additive manufacturing (part screening and cost analysis), and how to construct them. Individualized Workshop: Contents of this customer-oriented workshop can be specifically tailored to meet your needs Hands-on software training using Autodesk Netfabb: Get practical instruction by our experienced engineers, and learn the tips and tricks to optimize your engineering efforts regarding: manufacturing design process simulation For further information, a detailed quote, or to schedule one of our hands-on training workshops, please email us at: We look forward to hearing from you!

Relocation and key appointment at FIT ...


FIT West Corp., the FIT Additive Manufacturing Group's subsidiary in the USA, is relocating from Santa Clara, CA, to Boston, MA. At the same time we are pleased to announce the appointment of John Baliotti as Vice President of Sales. “We are delighted to welcome John on board. His previous experience in Additive Manufacturing in both marketing and business development combined with a background in aerospace engineering make him a perfect match for FIT Additive Manufacturing Group’s ambitions to promote the Additive Design and Manufacturing (ADM) in North America”, said Carl Fruth, founder and CEO of FIT Additive Manufacturing Group. Target industries with the greatest potential for ADM are aviation and aerospace, especially MRO applications, as well as medical applications and motorsports. “Business continues to expand as quality and consistency of parts produced using ADM increases, so I’m really looking forward to exploit these new opportunities”, John explains.“FIT Additive Manufacturing Group has more than 20 years of experience as a contract manufacturer in additive manufacturing. One of our most important missions is to create awareness for additive technologies and help customers gain ADM specific design know how to unleash the true potential for innovative parts of tomorrow. So, in addition to manufacturing, we offer hands-on trainings as well as expert engineering services to our customers.”
Relocation and key appointment at FIT West
Merger of FIT Prototyping and FIT Nord

Merger of FIT Prototyping and FIT Nord


FIT Prototyping GmbH and FIT Nord GmbH have merged as of March 15, 2016. Their future market activities will henceforth be executed under the name FIT Prototyping GmbH. Your regular contact partners will continue to be available in Lupburg and Norderstedt. Please note the following registration details for future reference: FIT Prototyping GmbH Eichenbühl 10 92331 Lupburg Germany Register court: Amtsgericht Nuremberg HRB 30932 VAT number: DE297000178 DUNS number: 313201834 Bank: Sparkasse Parsberg IBAN: DE37 7605 2080 0042 1783 92 BIC (SWIFT code) BYLADEM1NMA For deliveries at each respective location, please use the following addresses: FIT Prototyping GmbH Eichenbühl 10 92331 Lupburg Phone: +49 9492 9429 – 0 Fax: +49 9492 9429 – 11 Mail: Web: FIT Prototyping GmbH Norderstedt Branch Office Schützenwall 37-41, Haus D 22844 Norderstedt Phone: +49 40 853311 – 0 Fax: +49 40 853311 – 33 Mail: Web: Should you use different customer or vendor numbers for FIT Prototyping GmbH and FIT Nord GmbH, we politely request that you use only the number for FIT Prototyping GmbH in the future. Please inform the appropriate departments in your organization and change this accordingly in your systems. If you still have questions, please contact Ms. Stefanie Feuerer or Ms. Miriam Kolbe at the following phone number +49 9492 9429 - 0 or via email to Thank you in advance for your support! We look forward to continuing our successful cooperation and remain ready and available as your expert partner. With best regards from Lupburg and Norderstedt, Thomas Geitner CEO FIT Prototyping GmbH

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